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Tourist Activities in Nicaragua - Granada Cathedral

Tourist Activities in Nicaragua - San Juan del Sur

Tourist Activities in Nicaragua - San Francisca

Tourist Activities in Nicaragua - Masaya Volcano

Tourist Activities in Nicaragua - Mombachu Zip Line

Casa de la Luna y Estrellas • Playa Coco • Nicaragua

Things to Do

Tourist Activities and Things to Do in Nicaragua

Casa de la Luna y Estrellas • Playa Coco • Nicaragua

Once you arrive at Casa de la Luna y Estrellas we are sure you will enjoy the tranquility of the beach and the luxury of the townhome. However, if the mood strikes you, there are many things to do in the area. Below is a partial list.

At Playa el Coco and nearby:

Parque Maritimo el Coco - a small "resort" located at the other end of the beach. It has a small store and a restaurant, as well as the ability to make international calls and an Internet hotspot. They also arrange some horse riding trips and some boat trips.

Nature Preserve - nearby is a small, private nature preserve that does horseback riding trips.

La Flor - a protected beach for the breeding of the Ridley Sea Turtles. At certain times of the year it is possible to go out at night and see thousands of turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. Occasionally we get some turtles at Playa el Coco as well.

The Beach - at low tides it is possible to visit some other nearby beaches.

San Juan del Sur (40 minute drive):

The town of San Juan del Sur is a nice, harbor town with beautiful views. There are a number of tourist shops, a grocery store, a market place, coffee shops, internet cafes, surf shops, and many restaurants. It is also a great place to pick up a water taxi to visit other beaches.

Day Trips Around Nicaragua:

Granada (2.5 hour drive) - Granada is a wonderful, picturesque tourist town (it is the tourist center of Nicaragua). There are many wonderful sites to visit, hotels, restaurants, shops, markets, and everything else a tourist would want.

Mombacho (2.5 hour drive) - A dormant volcano near Granada, it has a nice ranger station at the top and an easy walking path around the caldera. There is a wonderful coffee plantation on the slopes. On the other side of the volcano is a zip line tour which can be arranged in Granada.

Masaya (2.5 hour drive) - The town of Masaya is a gathering place for merchants of local arts and crafts. The stalls of the market are filled with locally made pottery, paintings, wood crafts, hammocks, leather crafts and other items.

Masaya Volcano (2.5 hour drive) - This is one of the few active volcanoes that you can actually drive to the caldera and look down. The volcano is constantly steaming, but has no visible lava flows.

Ometepe and La Conception (1 hour drive plus boat trip) - These two volcanoes are islands in Lake Nicaragua. There are very few amenities on the islands, but there are a few hotels with electricity. You can hike up each, but the hikes are very strenuous and not for amateurs. The islands make a wonderful overnight trip if you stay at one of the hotels.

Lagua de Apoyo (2.5 hour drive) - This is a dormant volcano that has filled in with a crystal clear lake and good road access. There are a number of private resorts that allow for day use.

Casa de la Luna y Estrellas • Playa Coco • Nicaragua

If you are interested in tourist attractions around Nicaragua, and need more information, please contact us and we can give you firsthand knowledge or direct you to other websites with more information.

One good website is, which contains a wealth of travel information.