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Casa de la Luna y Estrellas • Playa Coco • Nicaragua


Transportation to Playa Coco Nicaragua

Transportation to Playa Coco, Nicaragua

Casa de la Luna y Estreallas

Casa de la Luna y Estrellas is located at Playa Coco (Playa el Coco), Nicaragua on the Pacific coast. From San Juan del Sur, take the road to Ostinal and head south for approximately 12 miles. Playa Coco is just past Parque Maritimo el Coco on the road to Ostinal. From the airport in Managua, the driving time is approximately three to three and a half hours for someone familiar with the road. Leave extra time if it is your first trip.

If you choose to make the the drive yourself, there are numerous rental car agencies at the Managua airport. Because of rough roads, be sure to rent a four wheel drive vehicle. The drive can be done in a regular vehicle most of the time (especially in the dry season) but it is not recommended. There is a Pali supermarket just before the turn from San Juan del Sur which is a good place to stock up on food and other items, since there are no major stores at Playa Coco.

Click here for printable driving directions.

Another option is Nicaragua Escapade, which is a professional transportation service that operates out of Granada. You can contact them directly via their website at:

Please be sure you tell them you are going to Playa Coco, and try to arrange for them to stop for groceries in San Juan del Sur.